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Antique ROYAL BAYREUTH " THE ROSALIE " Pattern Covered Sugar Bowl Flowers Orchid
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Royal Bayreuth Red Tomato Sugar Bowl
Royal Bayreuth Red Tomato Sugar Bowl
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ROYAL BAYREUTH BAVARIAN GERMAN FINE CHINA "TROUBADOUR" LARGE CREAMER   Eight Royal Bayreuth Dresden Flowers 10" Dinner Plates ROB327   RARE VINTAGE Royal Bayreuth West Wind SET Plates Bowl Cup Saucer 1946 - 49   Antique Royal Bayreuth China NURSERY RHYME "MYSTERY PIECE" -- MISTAKE   ROYAL BAYREUTH DINNER SERVICE FOR EIGHT + SERVING PIECES   Rare Royal Bayreuth Devil Cards Small Demitasse Under Plate Saucer Dish   014. Royal Bayreuth Tapestry Pink Roses Small Powder Jar   RARE ROYAL BAYREUTH porcelain Deer Forest Bucolic Scene HAT PIN Holder   Lot of 12 Vintage Royal Bayreuth Ardalt Burgundy Luncheon Plates 8-5/8" DEBLOT   Antique Royal Bayreuth Bavaria Portrait Vase Pipe Smoking Man 8” Tall 2X   Set of 9 Royal Bayreuth China ROB20 Laurel Leaves, Gold Band Cups   Antique Royal Bayreuth Pastoral Scene Bud Vase Goat Herd No Marks   Antique Royal Bayreuth Sledding Babies with Dog, Covered Powder Jar   Antique Royal Bayreuth Porcelain dish Jack & Jill Nursery Rhyme ~Blue Mark   Antique Royal Bayreuth Nursery - Girl w/Dog Milk Pitcher! Blue Mark   VINTAGE Royal Bayreuth TEAL TULIP Gravy Boat w/Attached Underplate   Royal Bayreuth Floral Design Gold Gilded Hand Painted Vase   Rare Royal Bayreuth Pansy Mustard Pot w/ Spoon Purple Flower   c. 1919 ~ ROYAL BAYREUTH BAVARIA DINNER SET ~ 87 pcs. EXC COND   Antique Royal Bayreuth Porcelain Colonial Man with Lantern Toby Jug Creamer   ROYAL BAYREUTH BAVARIAN GERMAN FINE CHINA "GRAPE" BUNCH CREAMER M.O.P.   SET OF 4 VINTAGE ROYAL BAYREUTH DEMITASSE ( CUP'S & SAUCERS )   ROYAL BAYREUTH LOBSTER MUSTARD COVERED POT 4 1/2" LONG BY 3" WIDE - BLUE MARK   Royal Bayreuth Bavaria ROB287 Gravy Boat w Under Plate Vintage Gold Trim   Royal Bayreuth ROB12 Oval Serving Bowl Gold Trim   Royal Bayreuth ROB12 Gravy Boat w Under Plate Attached Gold Trim   Royal Bayreuth ROB12 Oval Covered Veg Serving Bowl w Lid Floral Gold Trim   Royal Bayreuth ROB12 Round Covered Veg Bowl w Lid Floral Gold Trim   Royal Bayreuth Semi Nude Draped Nymph / Fairy Green Pitcher   Vintage Royal Bayreuth Germany Tea Cup & Saucer Set   *** Vintage ROYAL BAYREUTH CANDLESTICK holder *** FISHERMAN *** Fish   Royal Bayreuth Little Jack Horner Bowl Blue Mark Christmas Collectible 5 1/2"   ROYAL BAYREUTH ROSE TAPESTRY Covered Box VERY RARE Size 1145