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Ashton Drake Disney
Ashton Drake Disney "Ariel Bride" 12" Porcelain Doll
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Ashton Drake Winter Romance bride wedding doll, by Sandra Bilotio, 20
Ashton Drake Winter Romance bride wedding doll, by Sandra Bilotio, 20" porcelain
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"Sparkling Promise" Porcelain Bride Doll 22" By Tatiana Tofaneto~Ashton Drake
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Victorian Bride by Rustie MONUMENTAL 42" TALL, ONLY 1000 MADE, #124   Danbury Mint Princess Diana Wedding Bride Porcelain Doll. Beautifully sculptured   Rare Goldenvale Collection Porcelain Bride Girl Doll 1/2000   KESTNER GIBSON antique bride repro 23" doll GERMANY VINTAGE   Porcelain Doll Bride   porcelain doll bride   Porcelain doll Bride   ASHTON DRAKE/TITUS TOMESCU PORCELAIN 21 INCH BRIDE "ETERNAL LOVE" WITH BOX   Cindy McClure Rose Gold Ring-Inspired Porcelain Bride Doll   Jackie O Heirloom Bisque Porcelain Bride Doll Franklin Mint   Chantell Collection Porcelain Large Bride Doll wedding bridal Beatrice 26" w Box   Marian Yu Designs (MYD) -- "Pretend Bride" -- Bisque Porcelain Doll   Franklin Heirloom Mint Bebe Bru 21"Porcelain wedding bride Doll Robert Capia box   Franklin Heirloom Jackie O Bride Mint 16" Porcelain Doll Jacqueline Kennedy   Beautiful Porcelain Victorian Bride Doll W/ Stand Ashton Drake Galleries 1994   Ashton Drake Madame Alexander Jacqueline Kennedy Bride Doll NIB   17" Shirley Temple Portrait Collectible-"Curly Top"-Bisque Porcelain Doll Bride   BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE PORCELAIN BRIDE DOLL WITH STAND-CATHAY-20" TALL   Romantic Rose Bride Barbie Porcelain MIP from 1996 #14541 Edition Number: 01909   FRANKLIN HEIRLOOM DOLLS JACKIE O. KENNEDY PORCELAIN BRIDE DOLL   THE ASHTON - DRAKE GALLERIES "CINDERELLA BRIDE" PORCELAIN DOLL NEW RARE NIB   RARE "Heavenly Princess Bride" by Rustie, Extra Large Brand New Doll   Gibson Girl Porcelain Bride Doll Franklin Heirloom 23 Inch Wedding Dress Figure   Ashton Drake Disney "Ariel Bride" 12" Porcelain Doll   Ashton Drake Disney "Belle Bride" 12" Porcelain Doll   Jackie O Heirloom Bisque Porcelain Bride Doll Franklin Mint   Ashton Drake Doll Porcelain Bride Doll Winter   DANBURY MINT PRINCESS SARAH BRIDE DOLL ROYAL WEDDING 19" TALL PORCELAIN 1987 NIB   Harlequin Collectibles Doll - Julia - The MacGregor Bride - Nora Roberts   Franklin Heirloom Mint Victorian Vintage Bride 21 Porcelain Doll box Gibson girl   PRINCESS Sarah BRIDE DOLL DANBURY MINT ROYAL WEDDING 19" PORCELAIN box COA   Danbury Mint Princess Diana Bride Doll Porcelain with Stand   Bride Dolls Porcelain Vintage